shipping container fittings

Shipping Container Fittings

Guangzhou Lianli Machinery Co., a professional supplier of container parts, we supply a series of container parts, such as corner post , container panel, container rail and container plywood and so on, with the best price.If you have interest, please feel free to contact us, we are sure that you will get our prompt reply and  good service. 

Full range products of Container parts
Qualified Products Guaranteed: ISO
OEM and ODM is allowed

1. Container Front Panel:
Material: SPA-H(Corte-A)
Weight: 46-52kgs
Size: 2.0X1024X2400 (GP) / 2.0X1024X2700 (HC)
Corrugation: 4 Corr.
2. Container Door Panel:
Material: SPA-H(Corte-A)
Weight: 35kgs – 51kgs
Size: 2.0 x 943 x 1957mm2.0 x 943 x 2262mm
Corrugation: 2 or 3 Corr.
3. Container Side Panel:
Material: SPA-H(Corte-A)
Weight: 35kgs – 51kgs
Size: 1.6X1116X2400mm (GP) / 2.0x1116x2400mm (HC)1.6X1116X2700mm (GP) / 2.0x1116x2700mm (HC)
Corrugation: Standard Corr.
4. Container Roof Panel:
Material: SPA-H(Corte-A)
Weight: 10.12kgs / 40.12kgs
Size: 2.0X1045X2356mm  / 2.0x1045x600mm
Corrugation: 5 Corr.

shipping container fittings

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